In Christ,
in this place,
with these people,
you have found a home.


Service Information

Sunday Holy Eucharist  at 9:00 AM

Thursday Holy Eucharist at 11:00 AM

Celebration Jar
At the end of most services, members of the congregation are asked if they are celebrating anything special and are invited to place a celebratory donation in the Celebration Jar. Four times a year the amount collected is donated to a local charity. This quarter's donation will be going to NeighbourLink/The Fountain.


If you are unable to attend due to illness: Sunday Services may be watched in real time via Zoom


All Are Welcome

Fr. John is in the office after Thursday Eucharist until 3:30 PM should you wish to drop in and see him.  No appointment necessary but advisable to check in case he has been called away.

Please Note: There will be no service or drop-ins on snow days in the winter months.

Current and Coming Events

Blessing of the Seeds - Pentecost - Sunday, May 19th

We will have a Blessing of Seeds during the service.  Please bring any seeds (flowers, vegetables or fruits) that you would like to have blessed before planting in your garden.  Make sure you put your name on your seed packets in case we have duplicates.

Wednesday Bible Study - 7:00 - 8:30 PM

The Zoom link for this event is We look at the readings for the upcoming Sunday. Please join us!

About Us

We hope to meet your spiritual needs and to offer an experience of worship, community, pastoral care and service that speaks to God’s world today. Our congregation worships in the original building, begun in 1869, which is the oldest church in Arnprior.

The title of the parish, “Emmanuel” is the name given to Jesus in St. Matthew’s Gospel, which means “God With Us”. We are an inclusive community, open to everyone. All are welcome to share in Communion in the Anglican Church.

287 Harrington Street
Arnprior, ON
K7S 2V2

Fr. John Stopa:

Office : (613) 623-2554

Fr John: 613-402-9593


Emmanuel Anglican Church in Arnprior is the community’s oldest and most historic church building and has been in use since it was begun in 1869. Before that time, services were held in a number of locations until the land for the church and rectory were donated by Daniel McLachlin. The parish began as a mission and the first Anglican services were held in Arnprior in 1861 by the priest from Fitzroy Harbour, The Rev’d Ebenezer Morris. Arnprior was on the edge of what then seemed a vast wilderness. In 1863 it is recorded that services were held in German, reflecting the immigration pattern of that time and possibly providing an explanation for the naming of the parish Emmanuel. The first Confirmation was held in 1865.

The history of a parish is usually the story of buildings and memorials, and we have been blessed with a beautiful building, grounds, and facilities due to the hard work and generosity of many in the past and present. However, the story of a parish is really the story of God’s People and their faithfulness to the call of God and the Gospel of Christ in their ministry in the world. People have worshipped, prayed, worked, and cared for each other for generations and today to write the story of Emmanuel in its life and mission.